Thoughts for you

"Thoughts for you"                                                                                                                                                                             2009. audio-video, 19'40''
TEST! 9 +10 FESTIVAL, SC, Zagreb, Croatia

sound: Ksenija Ladic
video: Robert Maloic

The topic "communication" is approached in a metaphysical way - exploring telepathy as a possible way of communication. Process leads to a different type of connectivity. Although the authors were introduced to each other once before, they did not communicate until the idea of this experiment occurred to them. 

The authors performed an experiment in the indefinite number of days (8 days, in total), every day, when they thought of each other or recognized communication, they recorded thoughts, impulses, feelings - each in his own media. After this process, the authors merged the material and spectators can see if they are connected or not.

The idea of telepathy as a primary communication between individuals is the main backbone of this project, which explores the extent to which the mind can reach out to other person and how this actually is the initial impulse of the Invisible phone.