From personal experience, the author examines the idea of individual's vulnerability in the world. She is looking for a "place" where it is possible, at least briefly, to feel safe. This "place" is found in music, where communication and the exchange of energy through sound, play a crucial role.
The performance is designed for a group of listeners located in the middle of the space. Around them, eight musicians/performers are playing music using Tibetan bowls and glasses, instruments that carry the symbolism of both strength and fragility. The sound influences senses in various ways, bringing the listeners gradually into a meditative state, and taking them closer to the "place" where protection is found. The sound composition is designed for the acoustical features of a circular space, which on this occasion is the Mestrovic Pavilion.

Performed by
Ksenija Ladić, Guillermo Lares, Gabriel Santander, Jana Valdevit, Morana Krpan, Ivan Jovanovac, Ivo Korečić, Matija Vojvodić

Supported by Goethe Institut

Lighting design by Studio 2rPi

Clothes design by Ivana Valdec

Photo by Emilia Haukka

Additonal thank you to: Ornament Zagreb, Renata Zorić, Ivan Dropuljić, Tihomir Horvat, Renato Petek- Udruga Lotos