say listen

Thursday 18 - 20h i was at Derek Holzers work at Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien performing a text through his installation. The DELILAH TOO vocoder sound installation invites visitors to speak, read or sing texts in any language they choose through an analog voice-encipherment system. You can visit and hear until 22 Feb as part of the CTM festival

 pic by Derek Holzer

pic by Derek Holzer

mc mics

Last two fridays a friend of mine, Klaus Hamlescher held a cool workshop on microphone building, one could make a stereo mic or/and mono with xlr. The tiny capsules were a pain to solder but it feels good to have a high end mic done by yourself plus so affordable. plus i met some really nice people. go group soldering

2015-01-16 15.40.54grain-2.JPG

Different same

It´s been a while since i wrote here, all summer passed by and its already autumn in Berlin. This summer was beautiful, soaking up sun on Croatian islands and traveling, i will randomly post some photos to keep me warm. The last few weeks im in my new music home, a studio right next to river Spree. Always wanted to have a space next to some river in my mind.

Vienna calling

Days in Croatia are almost over, next week im already returning to Berlin. But the stop between will be Vienna and im happy to be invited to play at the vernissage of the photo exhibition from Andreas Zeitler. Im playing my live set which is in experimental/electronica manner and will accompany his photo series "1 years around the textile district" - street photography in black and white. If youre around on Thursday, May 8 join us at 7:30pm in the gallery Pool7 on Rudolfsplatz 9, in the heart of the textile district.


First post


its time to send some thoughts for the first time through this website. i´m currently in Croatia, its Easter time so even more home food than usual, burek, strukli, calamari and all the extras for this period of time. last days i´ve been in Kramasonik studio helping Cloudfactory mix his first album, that is gonna be released in October this year. and we will be there in the days to follow. cozy audio space. nice guy. good vibe